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Sadovaya-Chernogryazskaya, 22 str.1
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Do you know what Russia, Argentina, Jamaica, Italy, USA, China, Brazil and New Zealand have in common? All of them are combined with the art of meat cooking. And we, in our turn, decided to gather all the delicious recipes in our meat bar!

Moreover, we made them much tastier! Our Chef Sergey — is an outstanding expert, he worked with such taste virtuosos as Uilliam Lamberti and Antonio Baratta in Italy, Michel Shove, Michel of the Ravine, Frederik Enen and Aleksander de Frejoi, Patrice Tirijol in France, Alfred Ozenborg in Austria.
Sergey honed his skills in France in legendary "Odeum" and Michelin" Le Bouquinist " for a long time. Our chef cooks for you stakes from high-quality meat of Russian and foreign producers! Besides, our advantage is that we cook jamón according to the special recipe from domestic meat which differs from sanctioned product in no way. It guarantees a unique quality of dishes at quite democratic prices. Besides excellent cuisine, a wide range of alcoholic beverages, a convenient location and our own parking place, we try to please our guests with a special friendly atmosphere. You will always feel comfortable and cosy. Siesta in Russian is a pre-party at the weekend or a quiet evening in a circle of relatives after a hard day, try to shift bustle and tension of the megalopolis in its center!
Rack of lamb
Chef's rack of lamb for 2 persons
Chateaubriand for 2 or 4 persons
Made of young lamb served with grilled vegetables
Hot Chef-Rolls
Chef-Rolls with Beef, Rise and Creame-Chesee
Cheesse fondue
Cheesse fondue with Parmesan, Gruyere and Emmental
Philadelphia Beef
Rolls Philadelphia with Beef, Rice, Nori and Homemade Mustard Sauce
Vitello Tonnato
Sliced Steamed veal covered with saice flavored with tuna and capers
Beef tartar with crunchy baguette
A pan
A pan of stewed Primebeef tenderloin
Guncan rolls
Guncan rolls with beef tenderloin, rice nori, seaweed and hot sauce
Grilled pineapple
Grilled pineapple with vanilla sauce
Neapolitan style octopus with tomato Pillati saucce
Interesting from the menu
Салат с козьим сыром и лимонно-гранатовой заправкой
Сырное фондю
Из сыров: пармезан, грюйер, эмменталь.
С сыром «Гауда» обжаренные на гриле
Из говяжьей вырезки Праймбиф с рисом, нори, сливочным сыром и соусом из домашней горчицы
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Sadovaya-Chernogryazskaya, 22 str.1

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